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Jul 6, 2020

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Discover the 5-step to innovation storytelling method which enables transformation 
  • Find out one important part aspect of an innovation story that causes people to connect and act 
  • Find out what our standard should be when we want to use innovation to produce transformation and action 


Susan Lindner is a Cultural Anthropologist, Brand Marketer, and Disruptor. She believes incredible connections change the world. She is the founder of Emerging Media, an innovation communications consultancy dedicated to helping innovators and disruptors create stories, to get them the resources, runway, and recognition they deserve. 


In this episode, Susan shares how the transforming power of innovation storytelling creates an impactful change and disruption to your business.  Susan gives leaders a blueprint for creating their own stories that offer a vision, message, and path all stakeholders can follow with religious zeal. 

“Poll your customers and find out why they love you and why they can't live without you. And then charge double.”

- Susan Lindner


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Topics Covered:

01:40 - What her company, Emerging Media, is all about 

 02:47 - What do we expect from an innovation story  

05:27 - How should innovation story impact the world 

 06:57 - Why the idea of innovation story takes a while to saturate into one’s awareness 

 08:02 - The challenges innovation story faces 

 09:08 - How does storytelling differ in B2C versus B2B 

 11:21 - Sharing the 5 steps to innovation story 

 18:05 - Relating an example on how to fully take advantage of innovation storytelling 

 21:28 - What bar are we setting when we bring innovation to a room? 

 23:09 - Humans connect at drama and pain 

 25:52 - What is her passion in life 

 26:19 - Sharing pricing advice to give a big impact on your business 


Key Takeaways: 


The human brain understands information via story.” - Susan Lindner 

Anything that you have learned over the course of your lifetime, chances are you've learned it via story unless you've experienced it directly. And even if that were the case, someone probably described it to you before you ever experienced it.” - Susan Lindner

“Our expectation these days around innovation is transformation. We want to know that our lives are made better by this thing that you're bringing into the world.” - Susan Lindner 

We want to know the pain incurred because human beings connect at the pain, not at winning. That is the biggest mistake. We can revel in celebration together but humans connect at drama and pain.”  - Susan Lindner 

A founder’s story is the beginning of the prophet’s story. I want to believe that what you have done has transformed you first.”  - Susan Lindner 



Resources Mentioned: 


  • Schedule a FREE 30-minute innovation storytelling consultation Susan Lindner. Click here: 
  • Her new book coming up this September: Innovation Storytelling - Get the Resources, Runway, and Recognition you Deserve by Susan Lindner 
  • Jesus 
  • Buddha 
  • Muhammad 



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