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Oct 7, 2019

Why you have to check out today’s podcast: 

  • Learn an insight on what goes into an SEO service that SEO National offers 
  • Important considerations to take into account for SEO building and his unique pricing strategy that truly adds value 
  • How SEO creates more organic sales than paid ads 


Damon Burton helps companies show up higher on Google for words that they can monetize. Damon’s clients include the Utah Jazz and businesses that have been featured on Shark Tank and recognized by Inc. 


In this episode, Damon talks about what goes into the SEO service that his company offers and how it works in adding value to the customers, the market segments with which it works best and the pricing strategy he uses to truly add value to customers. 


 “I think the importance in pricing based on value and being transparent is it builds a reputation.” 

– Damon Burton 


Topics Covered: 

04:35 – His career background and how he got started into his SEO business at the moment 

05:54 – His unique pricing strategy 

07:06 – How are milestones and deliverables set in an SEO business where traffic to a website is concerned 

08:56 – The primary considerations to look into how to go about pricing in his niche 

11:09 – Setting prices with customer’s value in mind 

13:07 – Getting into the perspective of the service his company offers 

16:09 – In what market segment does SEO product work best 

17:20 – Why is SEO better than pay-per-click, generally speaking 

19:53 – Consequences of building SEO on a generic term 

21:24 – His valuable piece of pricing advice 


Key Takeaways: 


“I mean, pay-per-click has its purpose. It’s not that pay-per-click is bad and you can also run them parallel sometimes, like, if SEO is profitable and pay-per-click is profitable, then run above that. But the advantages and disadvantages are, as we said earlier, is that one, if you want to scale paid ads, you have to pay more. Or if you run into a tight quarter and you need to tighten your budget, you’re going to decrease your leads. So, the appeal, the sexiness of SEO is a little bit of that wild card.”– Damon Burton 


“My business has grown almost entirely, we haven’t spent any money on advertising, almost entirely on our reputation because once you get in with a certain level of clients and provide value, they’re going to bring you into their inner circle of other clients that you can bring value to. So it might be a slower play, but it’s going to pay off in the end.” – Damon Burton 



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