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Jun 29, 2020

Why you have to check out today’s podcast: 

  • Find out why you need to price test, even after making the effort to understand value through all the analytics available
  • Learn how to consistently deliver substantial lifts in revenue and profit through pricing
  • Learn about the social science of pricing: utilizing the best of data science, artificial intelligence, and the psychological behaviors of consumers, to maximize your long-term profit


Ammanuel Selameab has spent 7+ years in pricing and can’t imagine what else he’d rather do.  His work has taken him across both B2B and B2C contexts, supporting companies like Enbridge Energy, Cargill, Omnicom, Old Navy, and Shutterfly. He is the Pricing Head at Carta and is the founder of Run Pricing Tests.

In this episode, Ammanuel shares how running pricing tests can help you generate long-term revenue and increase your market share.


Spend more than 30 seconds thinking about your pricing. It’s the most essential decision that you’ll make. It’s the most impactful decision that you’ll make and it deserves more of your attention.” 

– Ammanuel Selameab 


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Topics Covered:

01:17 - How Ammanuel’s  pricing career began 02:29 - Where Ammanuel’s long-term aspirations lie

04:13 - How does a pricing role in a company gives you an edge over someone in accounting or sales

04:51 - How Ammanuel’s company came to be. Where does he find customers and what product does he offer

07:04 - How are tests structured to get desired results

09:18 - Talking about price segmentation and price discrimination

10:13 – What’s important point to know about price testing

11:30 - On dealing with data scarcity

12:21 - Explaining how decisions are probabilistic, and the best way of supporting those decisions

14:15 - Viewing what they do in pricing as a social science 15:10 - How does the engagement of price testing take place in a company with a direct sales force

18:37 - What kinds of companies do they offer their services to, and how many salespeople are working for them

20:25 - One large test success they have had so far

20:54 - Are there negative impacts with tests

22:30 - After all the efforts to understand value, and all the analytics available, why go and test it

23:14 – His best pricing advice to make a big impact on your business


Key Takeaways: 

“Because pricing initiatives almost always are cross-functional in nature, you’re exposing yourself to many different functional areas. In terms of your capacity to lead, you now have a much broader perspective on the business than someone perhaps exclusively in accounting or sales might not be privy to.” – Ammanuel Selameab 

“The business that I built is around taking pricing hypotheses and going to market and testing their viability.” – Ammanuel Selameab 

“Even if we don’t achieve stats sig, any amount of data we can provide you to inform  your pricing decisions is a good thing.” – Ammanuel Selameab 

“Going to the market, doing the work for companies of testing and vetting out ideas, is the best way of supporting data.”  – Ammanuel Selameab 


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