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Oct 25, 2021

Robert Tinterov is a CEO at Atenga Insights Group. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor, Advisor, and his expertise are also in Sales, Marketing, General Management, Product development, and disrupting digital media.

In this episode, Robert talks about how you can explore your pricing walls and use it to increase demand for your business and scale your growth.


Why you have to check out today's podcast:

  • Learn to identify your price walls so you can map prices according to your target audience and maximize profits
  • Find out how to ask the right question about a person's willingness to pay
  • Learn why pricing potential needs to be raised in the boardroom and how it can be done


“Learn and explore your price walls. Instead of avoiding them, work with them, use them and create higher demand for your products or services.”

- Robert Tinterov


Topics Covered:

01:38 - How he got into pricing

02:45 - What does Atenga focuses on

04:00 - Three levels of potential users of Atenga

05:01 - People purchasing from Atenga versus Atenga selling to them

05:38 - A process they developed to help clients

07:36 - Reasons why price walls exist

08:19 - What usually is the last digit for pricing walls

09:08 - Asking a question on someone’s willingness to pay without being obvious about it

11:08 - How to arrive at the last digit that is nine and can they tell the difference in demand on 350 versus 359

12:17 - Ways Atenga finds customers

13:01 - Robert’s biggest concern

14:34 - Why is pricing not yet in the boardroom’s agenda and what can be done to

Improve on this aspect

19:03 - Pricing advice that can create great impact in one’s business

19:46 - Starting small and doing the easiest but has the most impact to the company


Key Takeaways:

“Our secret sauce (knowing one’s willingness to pay) is like enhancing well-known processes, and then combining that with accessible, firsthand survey data, instead of looking at transactional data.” - Robert Tinterov

“I think the pricing question as such, is not being treated as it should in a lot of businesses, and hence why people don't really take care of this. That's why people are leaving money on the table. They're developing features and functions that people don't want to buy. And that won't create sustainable companies.” - Robert Tinterov

“You can't do everything, but you need to do something, just start doing more about your pricing in your business, and you will see effects and results quicker than you can expect.” - Robert Tinterov


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