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Dec 30, 2019

Why you have to check out today’s podcast: 

  • Learn about Paul’s ‘3 Pillars Of Revenue Generation’ to help you avoid underpricing your service 
  • Discover why you should charge clients more than you think you’re worth 
  • Learn how to price your service premium without getting objections 

Paul Klein is a Business Scaling + Pricing Strategy Consultant for Existing (and Aspiring!) Business Coaches & Consultants.  

In this episode, Paul shares how he helps clients charge what they truly worth, diving into an in-depth discussion on pricing strategies, how to set up long term pricing and positioning and a discussion on why your willingness to lose a deal is key to get your price. 


“Your client is saying to you that you ‘never’ negotiate. That means two things to me – you positioned yourself to command that greater value, and you’re not wavering on your value.”

– Paul Klein 



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Topics Covered: 


01:15 – The government job he had and what it was like

03:14 – How he got started in Pricing 

04:47 – An analogy of Pricing through Sports 

06:04 – Why he named his podcast as Pricing Is Positioning 

08:16 – Why solopreneurs tend to underprice themselves 

11:48 – What does it mean when your client tells you you never negotiate 

13:26 – Why it is hard to do value-based pricing 

16:39 – Why is the willingness to losing a deal a key for a solopreneur to get his price 

20:07 – How not to look desperate to close a deal 

22:01 – How he got his Fortune 500 client 


Key Takeaways: 

“You have to provide the value and there are three parts to every brand, a visual identity, verbal identity, and valued identity. And if all three of those things aren’t in direct correlation with each other, it’s not gonna work.” – Paul Klein 


“Be all in. If you don’t value your services and your products, neither will the market and you’ve got to believe in it first before anybody else will ever pay you for.” – Paul Klein  


“Would you rather have four quarters or a hundred pennies so you could serve a hundred people or you could have four big fish? I’d rather have the four big fish.” – Paul Klein 


“I think you have to be, whenever you make a pivot or whether you’ve already made a pivot, you to have three pillars of revenue for every successful solopreneur consulting business.”- Paul Klein 


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