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Jan 24, 2022

Ebrahim El-Ebiary is a Pricing Manager at Goodyear Tires. He’s been with Goodyear for six years now, having worked in Revenue Management at FedEx before that. Ebrahim is a Professional Certified Coach and he's genuinely interested in people and how they think.

In this episode, Ebrahim talks about the importance of curiosity and good relationship to your pricing practice as you continue to make money through helping your customers do the same.


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn about what revenue management is and the relationship it has with pricing
  • Understand why it’s important that pricing people understand their customers’ future while having the customers take part in the creative process
  • Find out about the benefits of having a good relationship with your customer and keeping that relationship until it lasts


“Before launching a very detailed analysis, ask the question, ‘how will this be used?’”

– Ebrahim El-Ebiary


Topics Covered:

01:11 – How Ebrahim got into pricing

01:59 – Revenue management’s relationship with pricing and yield management

03:48 – Does Goodyear have revenue management?

04:40 – Defining a coach and what a coach does; Is Mark a coach?

06:05 – Pricing and coaching as different sides of the same coin

07:50 – Why curiosity is important in keeping relationships with customers

09:27 – Questions to ask in order to better understand a customer’s future

11:53 – Why it’s important for tires to be talking to each other

14:26 – Where the idea of communicating tires came from

15:42 – Having the customers take part in the creative process and keeping that relationship with them

19:08 – Being in a zero-sum game situation of price negotiation

23:12 – Expressing complex analysis into simple statements to not lose your customers

26:32 – Pricing advice for today’s listeners


Key Takeaways:

“A coach is someone that supports people getting from where they are to where they want to get to, not where he or she wants to get, where they want to get to. A coach does not tell you or does not impose their point of view.” – Ebrahim El-Ebiary

“Making money is “the easy part” of it (doing business). Having the story and the vision, now that's where moneys truly made in a sustainable manner.” – Ebrahim El-Ebiary

“Discovering the future comes from asking about the legacy that they want to build mixed with free flow working sessions where we pick on each other's ideas jointly.” – Ebrahim El-Ebiary

“One thing remains at the heart of business is people. Once we lock in that relationship of trust and joint creativity, then we come back to do business together. That relationship then grows and flourishes, and with that, profits grow and creativity grows and the demand for new products that didn't exist or new services from existing products come to life.” – Ebrahim El-Ebiary

“Know the question you're trying to answer before jumping into a detailed analysis or investing in a pricing system software, hiring more people. Just know what question you're answering.” – Ebrahim El-Ebiary


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