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Aug 12, 2019

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn how pricing audit relates to growing a company’s value 
  • You will learn why there is a need to document processes to increase a company’s valuation 
  • Understanding the role of an exit strategist and value growth advisor in terms of the goals the company wants to achieve 


Kerri Salls, MBA, CVGA is a certified value growth advisor, author, and speaker. She works as a value growth advisor to underperforming and closely held businesses by helping them to revamp and improve operations for sustainability and scalability. 

Added to this, she is also a podcast show host of 3x Value Growth Podcast

In this episode, Kerri shares how she operates at the intersection of strategy, systems, and value growth to help middle-market companies multiply value three-fold in three years. Just as it is important to build a product with value, Kerri helps build companies with value.  

Tune in to this episode to know more. 


“What is value?  I am focused on the enterprise value itself-stand alone enterprise value-but where that comes from is your vision of value you want inside your company.”

-Kerri Salls


Topics Covered: 


01:45 - The difference between value growth and exit strategy, in term of growing a company’s worth 

03:00 - Skillset of  a value growth strategist and an exit strategist in terms of strengthening a business 

05:36 - What is value for a company and how do you judge the value strategy prior to the exit 

07:42 - How does  value relate to a market capitalization 

10:23 - Does increasing profit margin also doubles the value of the company? 

11:26 - How does documentation processes improves a company's valuation 

13:31 - Common problems Kerri helps solve in companies she helped out 

16:19 - Difference among advisor, consultant, mentor and  coach 

17:39 - Thoughts of her being the ‘chief investigator of a company’ to look for what is broken and the red flags 

18:12 - How Kerri does her ‘value audit’, the places that usually had the red and yellow flags 


Key Takeaways: 

“The value on an outside basis just keeps rolling up and up and up. I've seen clients who start at eight and 9% who get to well above 20%. I have client stories that I do in my webinar wherein less than two years they are increasing the value of their business, 300 400, 500% just because we are giving them the structure and the foundation and we're taking the owner out of the hot seat of being the gatekeeper for every one of those decisions. Now there's a structure in place so they can indeed take that three-week vacation even without the cell phone.” - Kerri Salls  


“Every one of those elements that make you more understood as being like a public company because you're so well managed--that increases value. That can't be taken away from you, that they can't whittle it down when you're in a competition about pricing.” - Kerri Salls 


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