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Apr 29, 2019

Why you have to check out today’s podcast: 

  • Find out how pricing affects sales 
  • Discover how much customers are willing to pay and where the value comes from 
  • Learn how to develop strong business acumen skills 

Mark Boundy is a business builder, sales leader, author, coach, and consultant. He has grown businesses in a variety of industries by his relentless focus on uncovering customer value and delivering high-value results. 

 Currently, he works as the Advisor to CXOs at the C-Suite Network since 2017, and for eight years now, he is the Sales Performance Consultant of a sales and service performance company called Miller Heiman Group, combining the world’s most successful sales methodologies with his value discipline for his clients.  He’s currently writing his book, The Value Multiplier, which will be available soon. 


“If you deliver customer value and you know how to price it, everything else will take care of itself.”  

– Mark Boundy 


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Topics Covered: 


01:31 – Mark Boundy shares his pricing journey, how he started in pricing 

05:31 – Overview of his upcoming book “The Value Multiplier: How Adding Value to Your Customers Multiplies Value Back to Yourself” 

06:37 – Mark’s insights about CSO Sales Research  

09:50 – Mark Stiving narrates why he thinks salespeople don’t sell value 

13:15 – Figuring out what are customers willing to pay and where the value comes from 

17:39 – How to make sales training stick, why sales trainers don’t train about the value or if they do, why everybody ignores it 

21:55 – Mark Boundy tells his work experience with GE and how he developed the business acumen mindset 

23:31 – An impactful pricing advice from Mark Boundy – “Ask the magic questions: What does this mean to you and how much is this costing you every year? Or what financial difference could this make to you if you were to solve this problem? Then, shut up and listen which will tell you where the value comes from.” 

24:41 – Parting words from Mark Boundy – “You can cut your way to survival. You can cut your way to profitability, but you can’t shrink your way to growth.”   


Key Takeaways: 


“The pricing is about not only capturing value but communicating value and creating value.”– Mark Stiving 

“Value only exists in the customer’s mind. And if you are messaging value or proposing value in your value proposition, you don’t know if it landed and turned into a value between the customer’s ears.  You can’t do either of those two things without two-way communication” – Mark Boundy 

“All value is perceived value; otherwise it doesn’t exist.” – Mark Stiving 

 “Value is the desirability of the outcomes that a customer will get from implementing, buying, installing our product or service. It is the monetarily measurable, usual desirability of the outcome.” – Mark Boundy 

“A really simple definition of value is what your buyer is willing to pay.” – Mark Stiving 


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