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Nov 25, 2019

Why you have to check out today’s podcast: 

  • Discover the 3 central C's of Value; creating, communicating and capturing value 
  • Learn what is customer perceived value and how outcome appeals to them rather than benefits only
  • Learn how to be a customer experience expert and how to get customers talking about your company


Mark Boundy is a sales, value, differentiation, and pricing expert who helps companies sell more profitably.

He's a consultant for Miller Heiman, an advisor and thought council member to The C-Suite Network where he advises corporations on all things value-related, identifying their fundamental differentiators to help them choose where to compete and how that informs boots-on-the-ground selling.

In this episode, Mark shares how W. L. Gore & Associates taught and instilled in him the importance of customers perceived value to a business, why value should be a religion to any business, the 3 central C's in marketing, and the importance of focusing on the outcomes you bring to customers rather than benefit.


"I often see the word benefits use differently. So, I no longer like to use the word benefits with my clients. Because benefits sometimes mean less than what I think of its value. I use the term ‘outcomes.’" 

Mark Boundy 


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Topics Covered: 


1:58 - Mark shares lessons he learned from a material science and engineering company called W. L. Gore & Associates

2:39 - How value has become a religion to him and everyone else at W. L. Gore & Associates

7:49 - Creating Value: Why it is important to know what the value of the customer is going to be and the value of the product to that customer

15:59 - Communicating value: why the outcome is better than the benefit 

19:17 - Capturing Value. Why front-liners like salesperson has a significant role in understanding customer's outcomes and why should they be trained in communicating understanding the customer's business

21:17 - On being an expert at your customer's business, how Microsoft Enterprise is practicing to help their consumers understand their market

24:33 - Mark shares how Bob Miller trains their consultants at Miller Heiman. Bob to Mark - “Customers don't buy their products. They buy results or outcomes.” 

Key Takeaways: 

 "You need to be able to have a dialogue with a customer to understand their outcomes and to understand their business." –Mark Boundy  


"Help the customer understand that a high price is a low price to pay for the kind of outcome [you offer]." – Mark Boundy 


"It's the outcomes is the desirability outcomes, and it's built on the differentiation, the outcomes they get from you that they can't get anywhere else." - Mark Boundy 

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