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Aug 26, 2019

Why you have to check out today’s podcast: 

  • Learn how Mark discover his pricing superpower through a heartbreak 
  • What it is with LinkedIn’s algorithm that made him decide to build a close-knit community of pricing experts called Champion of Value’ 
  • Find-out what subscription value management is all about  


Today, we have no guests. It’s just going to be Mark talking about the far better things ahead with Impact Pricing. 

Listen in to hear the exciting things that Mark has in store for companies, entrepreneurs, and experts that will help them price offerings to capture more of the value they create.  


“In pricing what we have to do is we have to look at each person’s decisions.  They’re going to buy my product or not. They’re going to buy my product or my competitor’s products. They’re going to make that decision in their own best interest. And our job has to be to understand that decision they’re about to make and help them understand that it’s in their best interest to choose our product.” 

Mark Stiving 


Topics Covered: 


00:51 – Jay Baer of Convince & Convert talk at National Speakers Association Conference, what is the issue with LinkedIn viewing analytics for your shared posts that unable followers to see your content 

02:22 – Mark discovering his pricing superpower through a heartbreak, why people make a decision in their own self-interest 

08:20 – Why Mark can’t trust Linkedin- not getting your content out to everybody who wants to see it 

08:33 – Building the Champions of Value community and the launch of Impact Pricing’s upcoming courses  

09:32 – Subscription Value Management 

11:05 – Solo cast, Interview, or both? What do you want to hear?  


People and Resources Mentioned 


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