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May 29, 2023

Andrew Bailey is a Value Pricing and Price Negotiation Specialist. He is the founder of Commercial Strategy 4. He helps you unleash your pricing power to sell more, more often, and at a higher price to achieve the profits you deserve.

In this episode, Andrew shares his strategy for value-based pricing negotiations to help you achieve the highest possible pricing for your product or service.


Why you have to check out today's podcast:

  • Explore how you can present alternative options during negotiations by combining price and value selling strategies
  • Discover one great technique for setting the stage and preparing the buyer's mindset for a pricing value conversation
  • Uncover a more effective approach to pricing instead of simply relying on discounts


"Improve your prices and just get really good at customer conversations."

- Andrew Bailey


Topics Covered:

01:14 - How he started in pricing

03:40 - Important consideration for negotiation

04:58 - Defining value for clients and questions to ask to understand the value you're delivering

09:21 - Dealing with procurement people versus the pricing committee as you go through value discovery process

12:32 - Key insights on opposing viewpoints between procurement and committee

14:28 - Practicing real-life price negotiations

16:36 - Pricing and value negotiation strategy that people rarely do but should be considered

24:08 - The biggest mistake in pricing negotiations and what should be done instead

27:53 - Andrew's best pricing advice to impact one's business


Key Takeaways:

"Ultimately, your ability to achieve the results that you want in pricing and negotiating is focused around your negotiating strength." - Andrew Bailey

"What I talk to people about is understanding what's really important to customers, what matters to them." - Andrew Bailey

"Don't try to make a whole long list of things that you can do for your clients and customers. It's probably two or three things that's really important to them. Just focus on that. That's a great place to get to." - Andrew Bailey

"We can give some discount and then we agree to it without really thinking about, could we do this differently? Is there a better way, is there more value here than simply that price and that quantity?" - Andrew Bailey


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