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Nov 24, 2021

Buyers by perceived value, but perceived value is easiest to come about. If we build products that are better than our competitors, and then we make sure we communicate that to our customers so they understand our products are better.

“You create real value by improving your products and services relative to your competition.”- Mark Stiving

So I break this up into real value and perceived value perceived says, yes, we had to have done our marketing, but real value says. Is our product truly better than our competitions?

 If you want to win more deals, we should be building products that truly are better than our competitors. So let's be thinking about what it is that our competitors have? What can we do better? 

And in particular, what problems does our marketplace have that our competitors are not addressing? If we can do that exceptionally well. And then we're able to communicate that to the marketplace. 

We end up winning more deals at higher prices. 

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Now go make an impact.

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