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Jan 26, 2022

Real value comes from real differentiation.

Real value is turned into perceived value through marketing. 

When we're up against the competition, which most of the time we all. Our customers are buying perceived differentiation.

They look at our product or competitors' products. What's the difference in price and is it worth it? And the, ‘is it worth it’  has everything to do with the difference in capability, the product differentiation, the features that are different. 

“Build real differentiation, but we have to make sure our customers know it.” - Mark Stiving

Now we may have built the best product in the world. We may have built a product that is much, much better than our competitors, but if our buyers don't know that.

If they don't believe that, then they're not going to choose our product buyers. 

Aren't buying based on real differentiation?

They're buying on their perceptions or what we'll call perceived differentiation. Our job as a company should be to build products that are truly better than our competitors.

 In other words, build real differentiation, but we have to make sure our customers know it.

And that comes through marketing. It comes through sales efforts. We have to make sure we're communicating the fact that our product is better/different than our competitors. 

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