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Oct 28, 2019

Why you have to check out today’s podcast: 

  • Learn about account-based marketing’s role in pricing your service 
  • Know how to lead an effective pricing strategy and sales enablement by working closely with stakeholders 
  • Discover how to effectively deliver strategic product marketing to your target market that increases your win rates 


Natalie Louie is the Director of Product Marketing at Hired where she leads pricing strategy, and sales enablement while working closely with stakeholders to ensure alignment and executional excellence.  

With over 20+ years of experience in Silicon Valley and Wall Street, Natalie delivers strategic product marketing and pricing expertise. Prior to Hired, Natalie was in PMM at Responsys and during the Oracle acquisition and was Head of Cloud Pricing Operations at the Oracle Marketing Cloud. She also serves as an advisor for Impact Pricing. Natalie currently loves living in the Bay Area with her husband and 3 children. 

In this episode, Natalie shares her pricing expertise, deep knowledge, and specialties on improving operations, revenue, profits, integrations, partnerships, managing, SaaS pricing and packaging, product marketing, planning, and development. She also digs deeper into what account-based marketing is all about, how it is related to pricing and product marketing, also the different cross-functional duties of the organization in order to close deals and increase win rates. 


“The trend is that marketing actually has a seat at the revenue table. Because with things like marketing automation, where we can impact top of the funnel leads coming in, we now have a direct lever that impacts revenue.”  

– Natalie Louie 


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Topics Covered: 

00:46 – Natalie’s path into pricing 

01:52 – Her big AHA moment at the PMM Summit, pricing’s trend in relation to product marketing 

03:46 – Accelerate Your Subscription Business: Your Blueprint to Packaging & Pricing for Growth Course’s impact, the outcome on the actual on the pricing session that she did at the PMM Summit event 

05:04 – Account-based marketing, what is this all about in relation to product management 

08:37 – Looking at all the different personas inside an account, why you should dig deeper into it 

09:54 – Creating conversations whose role is it, sales or marketing, or both? 

10:16 – Keeping an eye on what’s happening on accounts and how people are interacting with the different digital and in-person touchpoints 

11:31 – Personalizing content for your target market as a sample of account-based marketing making sure that the content you create is based on the company that you’re going after, and the actual people that are in the market 

16:12 – Account-based marketing going hand in hand with pricing strategy 

16:44 – What Portfolio Marketing is all about, tracking buyer personas to make sure that you know, there are results that have a good impact on the business 

18:51 – Watching potential customers or buyers touchpoints – what do they care about, what kind of solutions should you be presenting to them or what should you be talking to them about 

19:53  – Cross-functional coordination, why is this important, how daily stand-ups help your team strategize to win deals 

22:00 – Product Marketing and sales enablement 

22:31 – Natalie’s one piece of pricing advice that she thought could have a big impact on people’s business? 


Key Takeaways: 

“I see a lot of product marketers now focusing on pricing, on the packaging, on revenue much more, because now marketing can influence every revenue bucket.” – Natalie Louie 


“Ideal portfolio marketing is not just one group or one team it’s everybody working together, being on the same page to make sure that we’re giving the customer what they want.” – Natalie Louie 


“What we do is we bring in people from different cross-functional groups to come into our meetings and tell us what’s happening. And so the more alignment there is, we find that the better we are able to react and deliver what our customers want.” – Natalie Louie 


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