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Mar 18, 2019

Why you have to check out today’s podcast: 

  • Discover the importance of pricing strategy for subscription products 
  • Learn about pricing and its effects on consumer behavior
  • How to approach the stages of SaaS customer acquisition, in your customer acquisition, retention, and expansion 

Natalie Louie is the Director of Product Marketing at Hired a subscription-based business. Her experiences and specialties focus on improving operations, revenue, profits, integrations, partnerships, managing, SaaS pricing and packaging, product marketing, planning, and development.

In this episode, Natalie shares her pricing expertise, how the right subscription model makes your life easier and how scaling the pricing metric benefits her growing customer.


“The beauty of subscription is you don’t have to own or build anything yourself, but you have the ability to get what you want on demand.”

- Natalie Louie 


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Topics Covered:

01:32 - Natalie’s SaaS pricing backstory, how it became her expertise

04:00 - Price-Quality Relationship: its effects on consumer behavior

05:19 - How she sees the beauty and uniqueness of subscription

06:30 - Mark’s insight on product owning versus subscribing for functionality

08:11 - The benefits of subscription on the sell side in terms of predictable revenue and what customers value

10:30 - What Hired, Inc. does and what it’s all about

12:05 - Between employer and employee who subscribes to Hired model

13:30 - Natalie’s definition of pricing, seeing it as a metric that scales

15:38 - Her common strategies of scaling the price and its effect on the customers

18:30 - The importance of the 3 Revenue Buckets to grow your business

20:55 - The story behind her title, being Hired, Inc’s Director of Product Marketing

23:15 - Different levers to use to improve the process of product and pricing to grow more customer

26:40 - The pricing treatment you can apply to your current and new customers

28:16 -  Natalie’s valuable advice on how to have a pricing impact


Key Takeaways:

“I am not saying everything in your life should be replaced by subscription but if you replace things in your life you see as chores with subscriptions, it makes it easier.”- Natalie Louie

“On the sell side, any business offering a subscription, the benefit is the consistent, predictable revenue that your company will get from your customer base year after year and that what’s people value.” - Natalie Louie

“There is a different metric that speaks to a different user.” - Natalie Louie

“Pricing has its own roadmap. It’s constantly being refined and we’re always evolving it.” - Natalie Louie




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