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Dec 14, 2020

Rebecca Kalogeris is the Vice President of Marketing & Product Strategy at Pragmatic Institute. She has a contagious passion for telling brand stories and driving revenue. A true sales partner with the ability to quickly and effectively delve into markets and products, develop brand messaging, and build programs and teams that deliver results.  

She has a proven track record of delivering rapid revenue growth - One of Kapost's "Top 50 Product Marketers to Follow" - Passionate builder of teams, processes and infrastructure to meet organizational goals. She is also host of a popular weekly product management and marketing podcast. 

In this episode, Rebecca talks about the new Product Design course Pragmatic offers in partnership with the founding instructors of Cooper Education. She relates the importance of sales teams having the belief in the price so that they can be confident to go out there and win your price. She also highlights on who should own Pricing in the company as it relates to who creates value for people's willingness to buy. 


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Find out how and when to decide the price 
  • Learn about how deeply tied product management is to Pricing and see the depth of the connection and how powerful it can be 
  • Find out what you can do to affect customers' willingness to pay 


"I would invest in more timein explaining your price to sales." 

- Rebecca Kalogeris 


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Topics Covered:

01:28 - How Rebecca got into Pricing accidentally 

02:45 - Why she didn't get things right in the early part of her pricing career 

05:11 - Pragmatic DNA - What's the problem 

06:19 - Who should own Pricing 

06:46 - Which particular department should Pricing reside in the company 

08:03 - Why Product Management and Product Marketing should own Pricing 

09:52 - Is Product Marketing a better place to put Pricing 

10:55 - Her thoughts on product marketers being smarter than product managers 

11:43 - Why does Pragmatic not incorporating good, better, best Pricing 

16:16 - What Pragmatic is spending time on for a wider tool belt of items to create good, better, best Pricing 

17:18 - Founding instructors from Cooper education partnering with Pragmatic for a Product Design Course 

22:42 - Why product designers need to have a good understanding of the business in both the market and financial context 

23:25 - When to decide what the price would be 

24:32 - What to consider before building a solution 

25:21 - What can any member of the company do to affect someone's willingness to pay 

26:41 - Everyone in the company should create value and not destroy it 


Key Takeaways:

"Once you start to talk to the rest of the organization about why that is how you price, it's a big learning curve for all those departments you interact with, but it makes you think about everything differently. At the end of the day, that's where the money comes in. And to be able to tie those things together, I think, excites everybody and also kind of coordinates everybody around the same north star." - Rebecca Kalogeris  

"Product Management, Product Marketing, certainly we've seen Pricing and pricing strategists that come in more and more where it's an in-piece. I would not put that Pricing in Sales. And I would not put that Pricing in Finance. I think Finance is too far removed from the market, that's not their role. And Sales is too tied to individual customers versus the market to see some of those bigger trends." - Rebecca Kalogeris  

"I think designers get a much better understanding of the market. But the other thing that designers need is a really good understanding of the business because sometimes they're isolated from that in a way that product isn't." - Rebecca Kalogeris  

"I would say that you should decide what the price is going to be before you decide if you're actually going to build it." - Rebecca Kalogeris 

"What can you do as any member of that company to affect someone's willingness to pay and I think I was just reading a big study about customer loyalty and satisfaction, and sort of how important that literally, the experience they have in the purchase process to the experience they have what they call customer service, all really affect someone's willingness to pay." - Rebecca Kalogeris 


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