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Feb 27, 2023

Ajit Ghuman is the Director of Product Management, Pricing, Packaging, and Customer Experience at Twilio. He is the author of the book Price to Scale. He’s had Director of Product Marketing title at several companies, and he added pricing to his title in 2019. Ajit is fascinated by ancient mysteries.

In this episode, Ajit educates us on pricing and packaging as he shares why he’s passionate when it comes to changing the monetization stack, especially on companies being able to change pricing strategies a lot quicker than today.


Why you have to checkout today’s podcast:

  • Learn how pricing can done through a four-step framework;
  • Find out how to create a pricing system that can work well with all strategies; and
  • Understand why it’s an advantage to be able to change pricing strategies quickly


“I think of pricing in a four-step framework. The four steps are packaging, pricing metric, tariff structure, and then price point.”

– Ajit Ghuman


Topics Covered:

01:44 – How Ajit got into pricing

03:09 – Ajit talks about his book, Price to Scale, sharing the reason behind writing it and its key concept

04:40 – Backstory as to why Ajit wants to change the monetization stack

08:12 – Why the term quote to cash doesn’t bother Mark vs. how Ajit sees it

11:01 – We need better systems to let the strategy come to life

13:16 – How to create a code to cash (pricing) system that can work well with all pricing strategies

16:33 – Do companies do this practice in pricing?

18:30 – Talking about companies not monitoring usage of their product

19:59 – How often should companies tweak their packaging?

23:08 – How Ajit and Mark decide what feature goes into what package

25:31 – Why Ajit is a bit averse to good, better, best

29:40 – Ajit’s pricing advice

30:35 – Connect with Ajit


Key Takeaways:

“You have the best pricing strategy in the world, let’s say you hire Mark Stiving to help you with your pricing, and you have the best thing on paper, but your systems don't let you operationalize it, so you're stuck in the water. That's what I'm saying. We need better systems to let the strategy come to life.” – Ajit Ghuman

“You're not going to have people write code all the time to do this. Otherwise, your main product will suffer. So just like you used to spend money on product analytics in the past or some other piece of core technology, I think there is a realization companies are having now, like somebody needs to build best practice products that do these things so that we can hook up into their APIs or their SDK and just do it.” – Ajit Ghuman


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