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Sep 14, 2020

Jose Morabito is a highly accomplished Pricing & Finance Executive with an outstanding ability to generate strategies for and deliver on innovative projects.  

In this episode, Jose talks about how he carries out his function as a pricing executive. As a pricing person dedicated to seeing the whole company's goal, he emphasizes the three important constituents who made up the company whose welfare needs to be taken care of. He also could not stress enough on how value plays a big part in pricing decisions.


Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn about the mindset of looking beyond your current job, so you continually evolve, improve, and become competent as a leader who is ready to handle the challenges of what lies ahead 
  • Find-out the three organizational constituencies that are crucial in making pricing decisions 
  • Discover how to make sound pricing decisions amidst organization disagreements


"We at pricing are an enabler to the business. We're not a barrier." 

 - Jose Morabito


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Topics Covered:

01:18 - How Jose’s journey in Pricing began 

02:09 - What is revenue management 

03:20 - What made him choose Pricing after moving between Finance and Pricing 

04:54 - What are Finance people most concerned about 

05:29 - Jose’s thoughts on Finance people being risk-averse, hence the focus on Cost-plus Pricing 

06:14 - Life lessons from Jose’s mentors 

08:12 - What's the key to making great pricing professional 

09:53 - His thoughts about soft skills versus technical skills 

13:36 - At what point should I question what you say 

14:59 - How hard does he push against a constraint 

15:43 - How does he encourage his people to push against a wall 

16:35 - Not saying yes right off the bat 

17:15 - Misconceptions people need to hear about Pricing 

18:34 - How to communicate Value versus Pricing to product and salespeople 

19:33 - Which pricing model did Amex, ADP adapt to 

20:05 - Jose's Pricing advice that can have a significant impact on your business


Key Takeaways:

“The ability to think like a general manager is key in making a good pricing person.” - Jose Morabito 

“You typically have at least three constituencies in a company - a shareholder, a customer, and an employee. And depending on the role that you're in, your job is to look after one of those three constituents." - Jose Morabito 

"A good pricing person needs to have the ability to think like a GM and see and understand and weigh the impacts to the three constituents when making a decision." - Jose Morabito 

"Whenever you can influence somebody by saying, 'I had this experience in the past and we did something like this and here's how it succeeded or failed' - I think that adds a lot of credibility to what you're saying." - Jose Morabito 

"The person who's ready to be promoted is somebody who has already been performing at the next level.” - Jose Morabito 

"If you are not agreeing to the decision early on, and then agree at the end to support it, that agreement is the only thing that people outside of that room need to hear." - Jose Morabito


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