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Sep 23, 2019

Why you have to check out Today’s podcast: 

  • Check out what market segmentation is 
  • Know the strategies used to get information from customers without the survey questions feel 
  • Learn why it is essential to communicate and know the problems of persons inside your client’s company and help them improve their jobs 


Valentin Radu is the founder and CEO of OmniConvert, a growth enabler for mid-size eCommerce websites looking to become customer-centric.  It is being used by top companies worldwide, like Avon, Orange, WWF, Wordstream, Whirlpool, etc. Valentin has spoken to over 100 International events over the last six years, including DMEXCO, Mobile Web Congress, SMXL, etc.   


In this episode, Valentin talks about how his company, OmniConvert, uses technology that allows its customers to choose different market segments.  Through these segments, customers get personalized experiences on all touchpoints Learn more of this in this episode and discover how valuable it is for their customers to get that buying experience. 


“I think you should take a look at your churns. So, if you are in the software as a service industry, take a look at your churn. Because once you understand how your churn works for various segments of customers, you might want to change your pricing from being a month to month to annual.” 

 – Valentin Radu 


Topics Covered: 


01:32 – Valentin describes what his company OmniConvert does 

02:35 – How OmniConvert does market segmentation and its relevance to the buyer’s experience 

04:45 – How he orchestrates different messages to different segments 

07:33 – Detailing how they educate their customers on what they offer 

10:24 – How knowing their target customers and the services they offer relates to pricing 

12:27 – Tactics used to determine the segments when customers go to their client’s website 

16:19 – Valentin tells other sales strategies to ask questions to customers that don’t look like survey questions 

19:21 – The importance of communicating to people inside the customer’s company on their problems and how to help them do their jobs better 

21:05 – Valentin answers the question if they teach pricing to their customers  

22:10 – Narrating an example when he helped their customer put the right wording around their product that improved their conversion rate by 18% 

27:17 – A price of pricing advice that would impact the business of the listeners 


Key Takeaways: 


“I feel it's highly important that unless you don't know who you need to target, you don't need to spend any penny in an acquisition.” – Valentin Radu 


“The first thing and the most important thing is that if you don't know the value that you're giving, and if you don't know who's your target, and if you don't know if you are selling a painkiller or a vitamin, you don't have to mess with the pricing” – Valentin Radu 


“This job of optimizing and crafting different website experiences, it's a job of crafting psychological experiences so that people are behaving differently. And that's why you always need to adjust your strategy.” – Valentin Radu 


“Things like a buyer's guide for customer experience software is pretty important. And that's why you need to do this kind of material so that you are revealing the value of your product for people, which are different and will look product from different angles.” – Valentin Radu 


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