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May 26, 2020

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Discover how to develop a pricing strategy that leverage the value your organization creates
  • Learn how to execute pricing actions to drive commercial outcomes and growth
  • Discover how to use pricing tools to create and transform pricing that supports your business model 


Pricing is where it all comes together, says Steven Forth - co-founder of Ibbaka the leading platform to price and differentiate for the client’s market.

In this episode. Steven shares how he helps companies redefine their value, as well as how they price offerings in the marketplace through a combined deep understanding of pricing design with market segmentation and value creation. 

“Segment your customers based on value. You need to understand what your value drivers are.” 

- Steven Forth

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Topics Covered:

01:24 - Backstory of how Steven started his pricing career: How sitting down with Tom Nagle and reading his book was a turning point in Steven’s career

03:56 - Pricing being an indicator and diagnostic tool in business

05:00 - With new trends coming up in the market, Steven shares what he is seeing as happening in Pricing these days and his insights about it

06:32 - Pricing and one's willingness to pay

08:05 - As there are different views about value-based pricing, Steven shares what value-based pricing means to him

11:42 - Some companies say they have a problem with pricing, but after digging deeper they actually have a value problem. Steven expounds on this

16:02 - Pricing optimization is based on available data around. How do B2B and B2C differ when it comes to available data to utilize

16:02 - As B2C obtains more data than B2B, how do these two differ in terms of value-based pricing and dynamic pricing 

19:31 - Steven expounds on conventional economic theory and how it relates to price elasticity of the demand curve

22:28 - Where does value-based pricing tie into outcomes-based pricing

26:21 - Talking about pricing power. Who has the most pricing power?

28:21 - Why do you need to have a deep understanding of value when it comes to executing outcomes-based pricing

30:35 - Steven discusses the importance of different economic value drivers and emotional value drivers especially where medical companies are concerned

Key Takeaways:

“Pricing is a great indicator and diagnostic tool. It lets you explore so many different parts of the business.”- Steven Forth

“Dynamic pricing has always been how commodities are priced. Markets are dynamic pricing. That's what they are. And we've learned how to make the algorithmic and apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to it.” - Steven Forth

“Willingness to pay is an outcome. It's what you're trying to shape. Framing pricing around willingness to pay, and doing analytics to estimate willingness to pay, I think is actually a way to sub-optimize your pricing outcomes.” - Steven Forth

Value-based pricing for me is an understanding of the economic, emotional, and community value that your offer creates compared to the alternatives.” - Steven Forth

“Whoever takes on the most risk has the most pricing power. The seller’s ability to predict value outcomes should be more powerful than the buyers. Therefore the seller should be willing to take on more risk.”  - Steven Forth 

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