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Oct 1, 2020

Mark Stiving, Ph.D., MBA, is a widely recognized pricing expert and marketing pro who teaches companies how to boost revenues and realize their true value.

Theresa French is the Sales and Marketing Operations Manager at Impact Pricing. 

Pricing has been a lifelong passion for Mark. As a child, he contemplated why companies always use 99 cent price endings, which led to the question, "Do companies think we're stupid?"

As Mark would admit it, he feels guilty every time he is selling, that's why he wants everyone to know what he is doing, and the reason why he does Impact Pricing Podcast.

In this episode, Theresa and Mark talked about IP’s program called Guidance for Pricing Success(GPS), sharing everything you need to know about it, who this program for, what's in it for you, and what solution this would ultimately provide to a company's faster revenue growth.

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Find out why companies should go for Guidance for Pricing Success(GPS) over hiring a pricing consultant
  • Discover the ultimate value you can earn from the courses offered in Champions of Value
  • Learn about the impact value conversation brings to your product, to your customer, and ultimately to your company’s profitability


“Every company I’ve ever talked with and I’ve ever worked with, they don’t understand what value really means.”

– Mark Stiving


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Topics Covered:


01:43 – Mark talks about a program he’s releasing called Guidance for Pricing Success (GPS)

02:58 – For whom is Guidance for Pricing Success(GPS)?

04:45 – Who can take the most advantage from The Champions of Value?

06:13 – Convincing reasons why you should go for GPS over hiring a consultant

08:20 – What company challenge is GPS creating a solution for? 

09:55 – Strengthening the value conversation

11:51 – How to go about value conversations and how to have this conversation with a customer

13:09 – What’s in it for you in the courses Champions of Value offer and why you will get value way more than what you paid for the courses?

14:39 – Mark confessing his guilt in selling and helping you


Key Takeaways:


Everybody needs GPS. If there was anything I could convince people of, it’s, you need to go understand value, how your customers perceive your value. Most companies have at least realize they want to move away from cost-plus pricing, they want to do value-based pricing. And yet they don’t understand value.” – Mark Stiving


“Champions of value is really about helping people learn way more about pricing and the things they need to know. And at the same time coaching them to deal with internal politics, or how to have meetings or how to do change management.” – Mark Stiving

“The other thing for the champions of value is when we have smaller companies, companies that aren’t quite at the $50 million range. It’s pretty cost-effective if they send several people through the champions of value program, and then they can try to implement this themselves.” – Mark Stiving


“If you have somebody who understands value and puts themselves in the minds of the buyer, and we’ve really thought through this, well, then you’re much less likely to make those million-dollar mistakes.” – Mark Stiving


“CEOs have many different issues. Probably the one thing that they would say, ‘I’m not growing fast enough, I need faster revenue growth.’ And how do they go get faster revenue growth? Well, it turns out that probably what’s happening is the company has figured out how to deliver a lot of value to the marketplace, what they haven’t done is figured out how to capture that value.” – Mark Stiving


“Why wouldn’t you spend 100 bucks a month in order to get promoted in order to improve your career, and I don’t care who you are if you’re a pricing professional if you’re a product manager if you’re a product marketer if you’re in sales. If you understand value, the way your customers understand value, I guarantee you it will impact your career for the better.” – Mark Stiving


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