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Sep 2, 2019

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Learn how to achieve better outcomes for your customers and products through a customer-first approach
  • Understand how you can harness data to produce insights you can use to reduce customer churn and increase satisfaction and upselling opportunities
  • Discover why Customer Success is the new growth plan for your company to grow faster

Jay Nathan is a B2B SaaS executive with a deep focus on revenue growth, customer experience and driving customer success throughout organizations. His expertise is in managing and transforming all post-sale customer operations to grow revenue and deliver a differentiated customer experience.  

In this episode, he shares how Customer Imperative helps companies scale revenue by deploying customer success teams, processes, and technology. With a deep focus on B2B SaaS, they serve CEOs, CROs, COOs and Customer Success leaders to help grow revenue faster while improving the customer experience. 

Customer Success is uniquely positioned within an organization to be able to help identify those opportunities to expand. And in fact, that is where the primary value of Customer Success is.”

–Stacy Sifleet


Topics Covered:

00: 51 – All about Jay Nathan and his role as a Customer Success expert

03:30 – The relationship between Pricing and Customer Success

05:14 – Customer Imperative:  what they do for B2B SAAS clients in delivering technology-enabled customer success operations

06:07 – How they help a business to optimize their customer success metrics

07:12 – The system they use to facilitate customer success

08:36 – Customer success and onboarding: the end to end journey roadmap

11:17 – Customer success for retention and expansion: gross retention and net retention, the primary value of customer success

16:58 – 3 basic value levers other than building the right product: market segment, pricing metric, and packaging

17:58 – What is the use of usage data and usage metrics in determining customer success?

22:38 – Jay’s pricing advice: Think Large, think globally. But act pragmatically.


Key Takeaways:


“If you have data that you can normalize across your entire customer base, and even define metrics for your industry, as a SAS provider, let’s say I’m in real estate or event management, there are metrics and their benchmarks that are unique to each of those industries. And if I can sort of normalize those, I can use them in a number of ways one, I can use them to help me understand if my clients how they’re performing relative to their peers.” –Jay Nathan 

“The days of planning ahead and building a big top-down plan are just there, they’re hard, they’re gone, right. And we need to be much more agile in the way that we respond to competition and the way that we roll out our products to our clients, in just that agility, just speed means so much we work with a lot of private equity-backed companies.” –Jay Nathan 

“I think everybody wants to grow quickly, the idea of testing and seeing what works, and then implementing just that just makes all the sense in the world.” –Jay Nathan 


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