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Jul 29, 2019

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:

  • Discover how Rondalynn is helping accountants understand how to add value and why she thinks branding, social media, and marketing are a waste of money 
  • Know how Rondalynn helps accountants find their clients’ “thirst” and “hunger” and make their pains more painful 
  • Get to know how neuroscience affects pricing that will let your clients say yes to your solutions 

Rhondalynn Korolak is the Managing Director of businest, a simple and effective tool for greater time focus and profitable growth.  Rhondalynn is a lawyer, chartered accountant, best-selling author and business coach.  She has a wealth of 20 years of senior management and business coaching experience, which enabled her to uncover the secrets of business success.  She was able to produce a simple, step-by-step process to boost sales, bottom line and cash flow. Her consulting work focuses now in the accounting industry.  

Rhondalynn shares a whole new concept of neuroscience affecting pricing.  Imagine making it easier for people to say yes to the value you will give without the tricks or any force to do it.  Further, she will provide in-depth discussions on the six C’s of pricing to effectively create value to your clients.  Listen as she connects the two concepts that she is passionate about - teaching accountants to ask questions and find value, and using emotions in making decisions.  Tune in as Rhondalynn will give exciting peeks of her best-selling books in today’s exciting episode. 


"I don't spend all heaps of time on convincing.  Because if you can lay the proverbial breadcrumbs like a Hansel and Gretel, all the way along in the process, you shouldn't have a hard time to close people. They should be dying to say yes. If they're thirsty for what you have and you've got a glass of water, they'll pay any price for it. That's my philosophy.”

 – Rhondalynn Korolak


Topics Covered:

01:40 – Sharing why she is passionate about helping fellow accountants to improve soft skills 

02:57 – How she is helping the accountants to understand how to add value and why she thinks branding, social media, and marketing are a waste of money 

03:59 – Mark discusses the three Cs of pricing  

04:31 – Rhondalynn explains her six C's of pricing 

05:38 – Why she thinks finding clients is a value desert, as described in Chapter One of her two books - Pricing Value and From Value Pricing to Pricing Value  

06:48 – How she helps accountants find the “thirst” or “hunger” of their clients 

08:30 – The compelling reason why Rhondalynn advises accountants to ask questions and listen to their clients first 

10:28 – An interesting relationship between neuroscience and pricing 

11:27 – What Price Club is all about and the rules of pricing 

12:11 – Why she is passionate about neuroscience 

13:04 – How she ties the two concepts of teaching accountants to ask questions and find value, and using emotions in making decisions 

17:26 – Understanding cashflow so simple that a 6-year old kid can get it, as written in her book Financial Foreplay  

18:22 – What a deal-breaker is and a few examples 

20:07 – A price of pricing advice that would impact the business of the listeners 



Key Takeaways: 


“People make pricing decisions that are largely driven by survival and emotional cues.” – Rhondalynn Korolak 

“That's why I'm really passionate about focusing on neuroscience because it's how we make it easier for people to say yes.  We're not trying to trick them into it. We're not trying to coerce them into it. We're just packaging up our message so much more in a simple fashion that it's just easy for the brain to go yet. I'm thirsty. I need that solution right now. I say, yes, that's it.” – Rhondalynn Korolak 

“I’ve always believed that people tend to make that first decision emotionally and then they have to find a way to justify it.” – Mark Stiving 

“If you go into the relationship thinking to value price something, you're going to make a mistake probably.  And that mistake is you're going to be thinking about, what do I need to get? I want you to go into that relationship thinking, how do I add more value? Adding more value first earns you the right to be able to put your prices up.  So please enter the relationship thinking about how are you going to create more value first and then the pricing is only 5% of it. That's the easy part.” – Rhondalynn Korolak 

“Whether you need tier pricing and should your prices end on a nine. All that stuff is job number two. Job Number one is, please remember that your job is actually to add more value first.” - Rhondalynn Korolak 


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