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Jan 13, 2019

Welcome to Impact Pricing. The podcast where we discuss pricing, value, and the intricate relationships between them.

I'm Mark Stiving and I'll be the host. I love pricing. I love that it's quantitative. Eventually, it has to become a number. You can measure it. I also love that it's qualitative. The goal is to figure out how much people value your offer which of course is impossible to do. It's a continuous puzzle.

I love that most companies don't understand pricing so there's huge value in having these conversations and helping them. There is so much to absolutely adore about pricing. And this podcast is all about pricing, which of course is all about value. As you listen you'll be eavesdropping on me learning from other professionals in pricing, sales, and business. You'll hear my thoughts as a pricing expert applied to the current topics. Best of all you will walk away with tips and tricks on how to improve your business just by focusing on the price.

Pricing is such an amazing topic. It's complex quantitative and psychological. It's huge, powerful, and emotional. Most of all though pricing is fun. Please join me on this hopefully amazing journey through the world of pricing.


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